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Laserjet 2820 Carousel Misalignment caused by altered toner cartridges

Instructions for correction:\r
Please see video for instructions on realigning carousel. You will need to take all of the cartridges out of the printer prior to aligning. \r
Pull out on top of the carousel gears. You will hear a click. Rotate carousel back up one tooth on the gear then push back into place appying pressure to the top edge of the carousel. You will hear a click when gear goes back into place. Make sure both sides of carousel are even before installing HP toners.\r
360 Technologies is not responsible for damages caused to your equipment from the instructions in this video. This video is intended to help our customers understand how the use of altered toner cartridges will harm your printer.\r
For more information or for help repairing your HP printer please contact 360 Technologies at 1-888-883-0360 or at www.360tech.com.

Replacing the fuser and rollers in an HP LaserJet 2820 2830 2840 All In One Printer

Replacing the fuser and rollers in the HP Color LaserJet\r
all in one printers. The video covers the replacement of these parts in your HP CLJ 2820, 2830 or 2840 printer: Fuser number RG5-7602, Tray 1 pickup roller RB3-0160, Tray 2 pickup roller RB3-0161, Tray 1 separation pad Rf5-4012, Tray 2 separation pad RF5-4258, ADF pickup roller Q3948-67903, ADF Separation pad Q2665-60125

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