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Korg MA30 Guitar Metronome

Paul Kramer (Korg, Marshall, Vox) demonstrates the Korg MA 30 Metronome.
Joe Ross Productions : I have one
Kevin Patino : in works on any measure for example if i am doing the tempo 168 measure beats per minute 3/4 how do i said it up?  like kind of measure 4/4 6/8 what do i have to do on that metronome  if i want to play those tempo?  write me asap i am interesting to find out, i want to buy this product sam ash so i want to see how it works 4/4 6/8 /3/4 can you show me the next video , show me the video clip that demonstrate that thanks that will mean a lot for me, from  your fan of music Kevin
wormtownpaul : the most important thing I'm looking for in a metronome is a good wooden sound and not some annoying electronic beep. What features this has regarding sound is not mentioned, and the reviewer talks too much to ever adequately hear the metronome.
iboughtit : Once he said 16ths my mind went into overdrive mode lol

Salil Karkarey : I got this for 8.50$ on ebay with 5$ shipping.cant wait till it arrives!!!
Amp : it's too quiet you need alouder click
ph0neman : Ya you can't actually tune your guitar strings to it... you will need an actual tuner with a mic built in. I do like the volume control on this unit... man that is obnoxious when you cant control the volume on one of these things.
stevieVantanna : You can get it for about 16. bucks on Amazon.
David Noguera : This is a metronome that can play the sound of the 12 pitches(ABCDEFG and it's #'s) trough the little speaker..
It's just a good reference for tuning any intrument .. but not actually a tuner.
alex2k795 : does it only tune standard?

Mundorf MA30 걱정말아요 그대

Source : PC
DAC : SimAudio 380D
Speakers : Mundorf MA30
하늘소 : 디지털 음색인 이유가 해상력이 높아서 그런건가? 흠흠..

Mundorf MA30 Zigeunenrweisen Op 20

Source : PC
DAC : SimAudio 380D
Speakers : Mundorf MA30
russmaleartist : Beautifully controlled treble! the violin sounds detailed and exquisitely reproduced.
James Shin : 소리 좋네요!




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