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Fix Firmware Reset SCX-4705 SCX-4724 SCX-4726 SCX-4727 SCX-4728 SCX-4729 Resoftare MLT-D103


To create fix firmware reset for printers
SCX-4705 / SCX-4724 / SCX-4726 / SCX-4727FD / SCX-4728FD / SCX-4729FW / SCX-4729FD

is necessary to know the printer series:
- Serial Number SN - CRUM series - firmware version.

This information can be found by printing the two reports of the printer:
- Configuration - Supplies Information.
in the second part of this video can see how how easy it is to install the reset program send by us.

Pentru crearea programului de resoftare al imprimantelor Samsung
SCX-4705 / SCX-4724 / SCX-4726 / SCX-4727FD / SCX-4728FD / SCX-4729FW / SCX-4729FD
este necesar sa cunoastem seria imprimantei (SN) , seria CRUM si versiunea de firmware.

Aceste informatii pot fi aflate imprimand cele 2 rapoarte ale imprimantei :
- Configuration si - Supplies Information .
In a 2-a parte se poate observa cat de simpla este instalarea programul de resoftare trimis de catre noi.

Informatii detaliate reincarcare si intretinere cartus MLT-D103 , achizitionare toner, achizitionare program resoftare ( fix firmware reset )

Samsung SCX-4729FW A4 Mono Laser Printer Review - DISCONTINUED

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