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Using the iPad 2 in 2020 - Review

The iPad 2 is fast approaching 9 years old. Despite this, it remains a surprisingly functional device for certain use cases- not that you should buy one anymore. How does the iPad 2 hold up in 2020?
iPad 1, 10 years later -

Downgrade to iOS 8 -

0:00 - Introduction
1:25 - Design
3:09 - Camera
4:12 - Tech Specs \u0026 iOS 9
6:32 - Conclusion

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A-GON - Simplicity (intro/outro music)

HOME - Blackout

HOME - Time Passes

91Tech : Anyone out there still have this iPad? Anyone still somehow using it?
Hope y'all are doing well, have a great weekend!
Kamsii J : I’m on a iPad Air
Roblox tiktok : Gonna go ask my dad to buy me dis :D
Fiona Josef : Can we still use this ipad for online classes?
Jacqui Smith : You say Netflix but I have tried to download and it's says the iPad doesn't support it? Have one ans considering replacing screen but it if kiddies can't use it for Netflix etc
Deniz Çiner : i’ve ipad 2 since 2013 or 2014 but i
broke it and i not use it been in 3 years but i decided the change the monitor and actually i dont care cam or terrible monitor i’ll use it for watch movies
it's herstellen : I'm using it to stream videos for my YouTube
Plus I can't afford a new ipad
Rana Zainuddin : Can someone tell me if I can reset this ipad without having a password or code. Coz I forgot all passwords
Rana Zainuddin : I had this for years.... And guess what it was dead for 8 yrs !!! Then one fine day ... Charged it and it actually
Came to life
Yoongi Jjang Jjang : I still use this ipad today but I can barely use any apps since it's only available on iOS 9.

[ipad2] apple ipad2 Test_1。

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Ederlei Bispo : thkx
van win : To the person who wouldn't remember where to put back screws and bits, I find using my digi camera to photo it at every stage shows me where things belonged as I cant remember it all either.
Franki Stannard : Nice job...well spoken and presented. Task is EZ if you have any tech skillz....completed two.
Ben Willis : If you use the razor to start it, I'd advise starting it close to one of the corners and using guitar picks (Buy a lot, they are cheap.) to both hold open, and pry apart. This is my first iPad. My inexperience plus a rushing customer caused me to cut some unseen cable with that blade. Hopefully you learn from my mistake.
Jess Ragan : Yeech. They build these stupid things like Fort Knox. Whatever happened to "unscrew cover, insert new battery, replace cover?"
Chelsie Brain : I was curious about your program so I decided to try it out after hearing from a friend how well this worked for her. The guides were very easy to follow. Thank you for your help reconditioning my batteries [Check Details Here==>https://t.co/aICRBDtSXI ].
Dale Roberts : Great video and your parts are great order from your company all the time! Thanks
Venu Babu : how to charge it,with 5.0v 2A ?direct pin's attachment (-) (+)
DingoYabuki : So.. can you use any hair blow dryer here? Because I sure as hell don't own a heat gun.
Dave Hak : Good video




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