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Why Clarisonic is Going Out of Business (the end of a decade)

Why Clarisonic is going out of business and what this means for the cleansing brush market! L'Oreal announced that Clarisonic is shutting down as of September 30, 2020 and will be ending sales of their cleansing brushes and replacement brush heads. Let's talk about why Clarisonic is ending. Shop Merch:

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FTC: This video is not sponsored but the links I provide are affiliates to products I enjoy using and recommend. I do earn a commission from these links and I appreciate your support!
Ezekiel Andrada : oh my gosh. I just bought my first clarisonic last month because it was on sale! now knowing why it was on sale and how faulty and harsh the product is I need to switch to the Luna! This video was much needed! just subscribed
Sarina Valentina : I have foreo Luna but I do not like it as much as my smart profile. I had the first origional clarisonic pro engraved and all
I can't believe this right after I just had gotten a new brush. Foreo is good but just not the same to me...
MissMakedonka : Also switched to Foreo Luna quickly since it was a way better solution for my skin, clearly more hygienic and environment. And great initiative now from foreo to offer an ease with the credit to switch from Clarisonic. Sweet brand
Macnpixie : Love your kitty, thanks for the link with the discount for the Luna! Def gonna get me one <3
BleedingxRainbow : I’ve had my Clarisonic Aria for 6 years and I still use the original brush head it came with. I just spray alcohol on it to disinfect. I only use the device 4-8 times a month because I also came to discover on YouTube that overdoing it is bad for the skin. I still love my Clarisonic but I decided LONG ago that once it dies, I’d switch to Foreo. The silicone/rubber or whatever seems better
CC Cook : Dr Robb, the face of the brand as well as one of the inventors has something new coming. I believe it’s in the $400 range and looks like there are serums involved? Interested to see what it is, but probably out of my $ range.
Devon : I have the michael todd soniclear elite, I've had it for 5 years and it still works today thankfully. It was cheaper than clairsonic at the time, I got it as a lightning deal on amazon. When it dies, I'll try the foreo luna.
robertomoar : Dear Trevor, thank you once again for this informative video. I still don't use a cleanning devise, but with all the info you provided and seeing at your great skin i think i should be getting a Luna devise asap hehehehehe.

Again, blessings to you my dear friend!
Godsmasterpiece1993 : Yeah! It is true! If I used the Clarisonic everyday then missed one day..... ALL MY ANCE would come back. And I never wanted to get new brush heads. Sooooo I just purchased the eye massager attachment and firming massage attachment. I just use the Clarisonic as a face massager. I had bought the PMD face brush, it was on sale..... I use it most days. I might miss a day or two. My face cleared up and stays clear.
Dade Williams : guess thats why its discounted at shoppers might want to stock up ;p

Is the CLARISONIC Worth It? | A Biochemist's Perspective

Hey Science Babes! You asked me to review the Clarisonic cleansing brush. Please let me know what other beauty tools you would like me to review! This video is not sponsored.

Connect with me on Instagram @kennawhitnell
gp : Could you do a luna foreo review?
DIANAdventures : You should try ageLOC LumiSpa! :)
T & B H : as the foreo doesn’t meed replacement brushes, is it a much better alternative? also better for the environment, no?
Ncris : This was the most helpful informative videos on the Clarisonic thank you
gailbook70 : I currently use the Foreo Luna. I purchased it at Ulta a few years ago. I am happy with it. I am saving my Ulta points for a Dyson dryer and all the attachments. If I have enough points in the future and my Luna stops working, I will give this a try.
Slaythepaint : Could you please review the ingredients in Dermalogica products?
Julie Seidel : I have the one from Neutrogena that vibrates.
Julie Seidel : I was told that those clarionic cleansers aren't good for your skin by a dermatologist.
Nina Elwart : Eeewwww!! Clean your brush gurl!!
Em & May : I have and use my Clarisonic Mia 1 in Turquoise and I got a case in Turquoise also

How to Use: Firming Face Massage with the Smart Profile Uplift | Clarisonic

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The Sonic Skin Cleansing System uses a patented sonic frequency of more than 300 movements per second to clean, soften and smooth skin. In just 60 seconds, the brush gently, yet thoroughly removes 6X more makeup and 2X more dirt and oil than manual cleansing alone. Removing these impurities has been shown to allow a 61% better absorption of Vitamin C, and better prepares skin for other products.
Vanita Nicolas : I have this put all I feel is gentle vibrations I thought it would be stronger... did I insert the massage head in wrong???
whatever : peoples please..stop thinking like monkeys! This device works with 75hz and its Scientific proven to regenerate collagen.Thats why so expencive!! Its new on this kind..and takes 5 years to create it (Loreal labors) so please...
Its called massage but works very specific..ot like "massage devices wich cost 50 euros"
Stop believe what you information its on
but so lazy to search...or lazy brain to think..and try to find excuses from stupid negative comments..
i gramar..but im not english..and i dont need this language to work or date grls..but its enough to read the stupid opinions with good gramar.. ahahahha
sadly it works and i know because i have it!
Ricky T : Why are they using a young model whose face is already firm?
cfjermedal : I bought the massaging attachment and if fits my Mia2. And I absolutely am in love with it. I suffer from migraines. I put the attachment in the freezer and use it when it’s icy cold and it relaxing and helps ease the pressure from migraines and headaches.
Debi Mcfarland : Bought mine and it barely vibrates!
Jennifer Kopenga : God I would LOVE to test this thing out
Surprise Me : Mine had a faulty battery and asked me to send only the unit back and to keep the wires since they wouldn’t be replacing them. What did I receive? A brand new upgraded version -smart profile uplift since they just stopped making the original one that I just bought, complete with the wire, plug, cleanser, body brush, facial brush, AND the massage head! Just make sure you register your products on their website as soon as you get them.
Marie Stopa : Can u use it with Clarisonic 2
Kids Republic : Can you use this with the Face and Body Clarisonic. Can this be attached?
Prince Littlewolf : BEFORE you drop over $350 on this unit, know that mine jammed up and CLARISONIC refused to fix or replace the darn thing, but laughingly offered me 10% on purchasing a new one from them! What a freakin JOKE!




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